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Working with comments

Collaborate with co-workers to give feedback, provide references, and keep track of issue resolutions.

Comments on Rocketium exist at a project level. They provide a way for you to give feedback on creatives, assign them to co-workers, attach references, prioritise, and resolve issues based on urgency. 


1. You can access comments by clicking on Comments on the tool bar. 


2. Tap anywhere on the canvas to leave a comment. Additionally, you can tag specific members, or All members within a particular workspace. You can Attach media files as references, and assign a Priority to your comment based on urgency.


3. You can also edit or delete comments. Click on the comment you wish to edit/delete from the Comments panel. Click on the three vertical dots, and choose Edit or Delete.  


4. You can start a thread under any comment using the Reply function 

5. When a discussion is finished, you can resolve comments to close it. Click ☑️ on the comment card on the canvas, or inside the Comments panel. Further, you can re-open resolved issues if required. 

5. Looking for a specific comment? You can sort and filter them within the Comments panel. All comments inside a project reside within this space, so you can refer to them anytime. 

You can sort comments by:

- recency
- activity 
- urgency

You can filter comments by: 

- all threads
- open threads
- resolved threads