Adding Content Variants

When working on a large-scale campaign, you cannot miss out on the 'perfect' content (in terms of image, font, color, word choice); to ensure all possibilities are checked, you need to create many variants of a creative. And that accounts for SO much redundant work!

But with our Bulk Edit feature, creating 100s of variants is work done in minutes. 

Let's create multiple variants of this creative. creative to make variants

  1. Open your workspace, select a project and then click on the '+' icon at the top of the variant panel. (FYI: In project mode variant panel is above the content panel)
    adding a content variant
  2. Now select + New Variant, to add new variants. (We have added three new variants) 
    we have craeted three new variants
  3. Now we can edit elements across each creative to create 'variants.' Let's make these variants based on different CTA buttons.  (For now, all the variants have the same CTA button, i.e., Buy Now)
  4. Click on Variant 2 and then the edit option (pencil icon) to enable the content and styling panel specifically for variant 2.
    selecting the variant 2 to edit the CTA
  5. Now go to the CTA text-element and change the current one to 'Order Now'
    order Now variant
    order now variant
  6. Follow the same steps and change the CTA of Variant 3 to 'Add to Cart' and variant 4 to 'Shop Now'.