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Adding more Sizes

Adding a new size 

To make your creatives available in different sizes, you can add the predefined sizes created by the design team or create a custom one for yourself. Let's see how we do that.

  1. To add more sizes, click on 'All sizes' at the top of the preview window. adding new sizes
  2. Next, click on the 'Add/Remove Sizes.'Add or remove sizes window
  3. You can choose from the available sizes and click on the Confirm Sizes. (To add more sizes from your brand kit, click on Add a new size and select from the available options) - We have selected all the available sizes for our creative.
    confirm sizes of creatives
  4. All the selected sizes can be accessed at the top of the preview window. (Our automation aesthetically adjusts the elements, throughout the sizes) all the sizes selected  

 Now let's look at how we can add a custom size. 

  1. Follow the first three steps from the above section to get to the size window and click Add a new size.
    add a new custom size
  2. Now, click on Add custom size. After that, you have to fill up that custom size's - width and height (aspect ratios). Finally, give a name to the size custom size.
    (We have given the name 'Website banner' to the size and have set the aspect ratio as 600:300)
    add custom sizes
    add name, height and width of the size
  3. Hit the Save button to add the custom size to your collection. You can then use it to make a creative. 

Viewing all sizes 

Click on the grid icon to see previews of different sizes of a particular variant. You can switch between sizes by double-clicking on a particular size, which opens it in the editor.