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Adding Tags to Files

Tagging a media file makes it easier for people to search through. It makes files searchable in the search bar at the top of the Files/Folders screen. 

Follow these steps to add tags to your files;

  1. Select the media file to add tags. (This file is tagless, let's add some)Adding tag to beauty product media file
  2. Click on the three verticles dots (at top right).  And click on Edit tags.
  3. Enter the tag(s) that seem appropriate for the media file. (Remember to be specific and relevant)
  4. At last, click on Update to save the changes.

Bulk Tagging Media Files

You can bulk tag different media files that fall under the same category. Follow the steps to bulk tag media files;

  1. Click on any media files, then tick off the square box. (Let's bulk tag all the beauty products that we have) 
    selecting a media file
  2. Follow the same step for all the files with beauty products. (You can also click on Select All - Present at the top right)
  3. Now click on the Edit tags icon at the top right of the screen.
    bulk edit icon
  4. At last, write down the tags for the files.

Auto-Media Tagging

You can also sit back, and allow Rocketium to auto-generate tags for your image files. Simply upload the required files to the media library, and leave the rest to us. You can always use the Edit Tags function to make any changes.