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AI Copywriter

You can auto-generate compelling copies with Rocketium's AI copywriter! And in this section, we are going to understand how to do that.

  1. Select the ⚡symbol next to the text that you want to edit.
    AI copywriter-1
  2. Choose your desired action - Reword Text (we are rephrasing the existing sentence using AI copywriter)
    Word generator
  3. Select the best-suited option and then hit Apply Text, or copy (copy-paste) the sentence
    AI reworded phrases
AI copywriter can be used to create six different types of copies. RewordText is one of them. The rest are;
    1. Tagline: Ctreats punchy tag lines for your products.
    2. Subtext: Gives you hooking subtext for your product.
    3. Description: Churns out a stellar product description.
    4. Offer: Generates irresistible offer copies.
    5. CTA: For compelling Call-To-Action.

To use these types of copies, you'll have to put some additional inputs, such as product name, tags, and your target audience. 

tagline, subtext, description, Offer, CTA - interface