Apply a style

To apply any style, follow these steps accordingly;

  1. Let's change the style of the CTA button of this creative.

  2. Click the CTA (Order Now) button to enable the styling panel on the left.
  3. The styles panel that has come up will have all the presets with a similar number of elements as our selected CTA button.
  4. Click on the desired preset to apply its 'style' to your selected CTA. (Let's give our CTA the style of the white-colored CTA)
  5. After applying the desired style (if required), adjust the position of the CTA. (This is how our final creative looks)--Notice how only the color (look and feel) of the selected preset has been added; that's how style works.

Note: Rocketium's AI automatically shows you all the relevant styling options for a specific element.