Applying a Style Across Variants

To apply a style across variants, these are steps that you may follow;

  1. Select all the variants you want to use the style to. The variants are present in the content panel. 
    selecting variants for bulk edit-1
    (You can use multiple select variants by clicking on the square box beside selected)
  2. Now, click on Bulk edit at the top-right corner of the content panel. (This is how the bulk edit interface looks; It has a moveable -boxed red- Save and Discard options)
    Bulk edit interface
  3. Select the elements to which you want to apply styles across variants. (Let's change the CTA-Button across variants)
  4. Click on the View Styles icon in the styling panel (at bottom left).
    Bulk Edit styling panel
  5. All the styles option available for the CTA-Button is now shown in the styling panel.
    Orange CTA button across all variants
  6. Let's change the Red Button-CTA to an Orange Button-CTA across variants. To do that, click on the Orange Button-CTA from the styles panel.
  7. Now all the CTA-Button across variants would have the Orange-CTA.
  8. Now you can save the changes across variants by clicking on (the hovering) Save option above the creative. 
    save the changes across varaiants
    Note: You can cancel all the changes to do that, click on Discard.
  9. Confirm your action in the small window that pops up, and continue with saving the changes.
    Bulk edit save window to save all style changes-jpg
    Note: You can also style across sizes of all the variants at once! Click on Style all at the top of the creative screen.
    make the chnages across sizes of all variants