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Comments Overview:

Collaborate with your teammates to share feedback on creatives before you download and publish them.

You can review creatives and share feedback before and after you 'Export' your Project. 

Here is a comparison of your creative view before and after you export the project.

  • Comments on creative before export or inside the editor
    1. You can access comments by clicking on the Comments option in the toolbar.
    2. Click anywhere on the canvas to add your feedback.
    3. You can also mention specific team members or notify ALL within a specific workspace by tagging them.
    4. You can Attach media files as references and assign a Priority to your comment based on urgency.
    5. To edit or delete comments, click on the desired comment in the Comments panel, then choose the option from the three vertical dots.
    6. Using the Reply function, you can initiate a discussion thread under any comment.
    7. After completing a discussion, you can mark comments as resolved by clicking the checkmark ☑️ icon. Resolved issues can be reopened if needed.

    Comments on creatives after export
    Exporting the project would ensure that Reviewers can only share feedback but not make any accidental design changes in your creatives.
    1. After exporting the project, you can access and manage comments on the right-side panel, ensuring effective feedback management post-export.
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(New)Assigned Comments :

Comments can now be Assigned to users within the Workspace and Tracked inside Inbox. See more here

(NEW) Discussions from Inbox

Discussions can be continued from anywhere inside Rocketium (not just the Project Brief) using Inbox. You can track, assign, resolve, open (unresolve) or Quick Reply to any Discussion thread via Inbox. More details here