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Defining Permissions for a Role

Rockteium's design ecosystem offers over 60+ features. And you as an admin can permit certain features to a particular role, based on the relevance or requirements. 

All the features are categorized under five main sections; these are; 

  1. Projects: From here, you can control every aspect of all the 'projects' inside the workspaces (i.e., Content, Styling, Automation, Export, Sharing)
  2. Account: This is usually for admins. From Accounts, you can control the administrative and workspace features for your Rocketium account. 
  3. Other: This section has the beta features (under development process) apart from some miscellaneous features.
  4. Styling customization: This part is mainly for designers and has all the features needed to create creatives (i.e., Control, Media, Captions, Background).
  5. Brand Control: This is for social media managers and marketers. Brand control gives you features that enable brand compliance throughout campaigns.

Note: There are expandable subsections with more defined features under each main section.

Set Permissions for Different Roles

To set permissions for any role, you may follow these steps.

  1. Select the role for which you want to set permissions for. (Let's permit the features under the Brand Control section for the role of social media manager)
    setting permissions of social media manager
  2. Each subsection (viz, Create templates, Brand assets, Manage templates) is expandable and has more defined features. (To permit a specific feature, tick off the square box beside it)
    Brand assests access to social media manager