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Delete files & folders

Delete files

To delete multiple files at once, follow these steps;

  1. Select the files in the Media Library.
    FireShot Capture 324 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  2. Then click the bin icon to delete the selected files simultaneously!
    FireShot Capture 325 - Rocketium - rocketium.com

Tip: You can archive a single file; click here to know how to archive files.

Delete folders

Deleting a folder has yet to be an option. However, you can archive the folder. If you'd like to know how to archive the folder, please follow these steps.

  1. Select the concerned folder, then click on the three vertical dots.
    FireShot Capture 326 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  2. Now, choose archive.
    FireShot Capture 327 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  3. Click "Confirm" tp archive the folder.
    FireShot Capture 328 - Rocketium - rocketium.com

Tip: Your folder will stay in the archive section.