Editing Across Sizes

You can create multiple sizes of a creative (click here to know more) in minutes and apply changes across these sizes in seconds. Follow the example to know-how;

Let's start with this creative; we will increase the 30% mark to 35%, and we will do that across sizes.

Creative banner for size changes

  1. Select all sizes you want to apply changes from the sizes panel (at the top of the creative screen).
    Highlighting the sizes panel in creative screen
    All the sizes to makes changes to
    Note: You can add more sizes by clicking on Add/Remove sizes
  2. Confirm the sizes and start editing your desired elements. (Here, we are going to edit the text element with the discount offer) Select the text element in the content panel.
    making text element chnages across sizes-1
  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the texts. (we have changed the text to '35% off on all hand cream')
    upto 35% off new updated text2 to chnage across sizes 
  4. This change should reflect on your creative, and to apply this change to all four sizes, tick off Style all at the top right of your creative screen.
    ticking off style all to style across sizes
  5. With this, all the text elements across sizes will have the exact text (i.e., '35% off on all hand creams'). You can access all the sizes by either clicking on the sizes or strolling along.
    size preview panel