Everything about Workspaces

About Workspaces

A workspace(s) is an online platform to collaborate with your team to carry out impactful campaigns. With a user-friendly interface, workspaces are built to meet all your creative needs so they can make your campaign journey smooth and swift. 

Workspaces are feature-loaded basket which brings your ideas (creatives) into life, and as a result, your campaigns get the limelight they deserve. 

Creating a New Workspace

Follow these simple steps to create a new workspace;

  1. Log in to your dashboard, then click on Add Workspace at the top left of your screen.
  2. Next, fill out the details and give your workspace a (suitable) name.
    Add worspace
  3. After that click on, Add. 
    the newly added workspace

Adding a New Member

There are two ways to add a new member to any workspace. But first, you would need their email id. After that, Rockteium will send an auto-generated invitation email to the email id.

Let's invite someone while creating a workspace;

  1. The pop-up form where you have added the name of your workspace also has an invite your team section. 
    invite your team
  2. Please fill out your team members' email id, and select a relevant role for them.
  3. After that, click on send invite. And at last hit Add.

Adding a Team Member into an Existing Workspace

  1. First, select the desired workspace. Then click on the three horizontal dots, and after that, select Edit.
    Adding a new team member into an existing workspace edit an existing workspace
  2. Now, fill out the invite your team section, and hit Send invite.
  3. At last, click on Update.
    update the workspace

Delete a Workspace

  1. To delete a workspace, click on the three horizontal dots, then select delete.
    Three horizontal dots at the bottom left of a workspacedelete an existing workspace