Facebook Ad Account Integration

Personalized social campaigns lead to better engagement and recall

Social media feeds overwhelm users, and they neither recognize nor recall banners that they cannot immediately connect with.
Your Facebook campaign hinges on how granular your creatives are-- to suit the hyper-local context, micro-segments, or individual users and their buying journeys. Creating such campaigns involves building a constant set of creatives, modified to suit ad type or placement needs. In addition, experiments feed accurate targeting strategies. As a result, you also get to spend more on ads that perform better.
The Rocketium-Facebook Ad Account integration is designed to eliminate -
  •  Busy, redundant work: Downloading and uploading creatives constantly
  •  Campaign delays: Go-live delays owing to the creative backlog
  •  Poor creative optimization: Lack of resources to experiment enough or refresh campaigns

A sample workflow

  •  Connect your Facebook Ad Account with Rocketium to make creatives and launch personalized campaigns seamlessly.
  •  Once connected, you can create a campaign, set objectives (Brand awareness, reach, traffic and conversions)
  •  You can create multiple ad sets using the creatives made in Rocketium for your saved audiences and set a budget, campaign duration.
  •  To experiment with ads, you can create and modify multiple ads and ad sets using the bulk editing mode.
  •  Once ready, you can sync your campaigns with the Facebook ad manager and make them live.
  •  To update the ads and ad sets, you can replace your creatives and change ad parameters in Rocketium itself and sync again.

Integration Requirements

  •  Your Business Page and Ad Accounts must map to your Business Manager account.
  •  You need to be the Admin of the Ad Account.
  •  If you think you have a personal ad account, here are resources to map it into your Business Manager Account.
How to integrate?
New To Rocketium
Here are resources to get you started if you are new to Rocketium

Integration steps

  •  Make sure that the Facebook Campaign feature has been enabled for you. Request your account manager or admin for this if it is not.
  •  Log into both your Rocketium and Facebook Accounts
  •  Under Integrations within your Rocketium account, choose Facebook Ad Account, you will see a modal appear with your username
  •  When you choose to continue, Facebook lets you choose what you allow and do not in terms of permissions. You can also expand the view to see all your accounts.
  •  Once complete, you will see a completion message and a summary of the integration on the left.
  1. Log into both Facebook and Rocketium
  2. Choose Facebook Ad Accounts
  3. Continue with chosen identity, make privacy selections
  4. Select ok and integrate
Create a Facebook Campaign on Rocketium
  •  You can start with your existing creatives or create some with this guide for your ad campaign.
  •  Select the Campaigns Tab within the workspace that contains the required project
  •  Select New Campaign
Here we are going to create multiple ad sets -- for users in Bangalore and Delhi, respectively. Add Details -- Name, Select Platform, Choose an objective and continue.
  •  Choose creatives to create an ad set or multiple ad sets. This is an easy way to distinguish for your multi-city or multilingual ads, for example.
  •  We have chosen three each for both our locations -- Bangalore and Delhi.
  •  Once the ad sets are created, you can add -- Budget, Ad Duration, and select Audience from the drop-down. The platform selects your saved audience.
Note - You can Bulk edit this information and save hours.
  •  As you can see, each ad set's details have been customized to suit the targeted region.
  •  At the ad level, you can edit/add -Name of the ad, - Identity through which you are posting - Format (limited to a single image or video, at the moment) - The creatives you want - The website you would want to showcase - Text, CTA, descriptions to go with your ad.
Here is an example -

  1. Select Campaign within your Workspace
  2. Choose a New Campaign
  3. Select creatives, choose one or many ad sets
  4. Create ad sets
  5. Make ad set level edits (budget, duration, audience)
  6. Make ad level edits (text, CTA, creative website)
  7. Sync to Facebook
  8. Start your campaign from Facebook


Sync to Facebook

  •  Once you complete adding details to your campaign, you will be notified.
  •  The campaign will be pushed to Facebook in the ‘paused’ state (as a draft.). After that, you can go to the Facebook Ad Manager to publish it.