Raise new brief requests

Collaborate with and share campaign details with different team members through project briefs

How to Raise requests?

1. To raise requests for a new campaign, navigate to the project tab and select "New". Alternatively, you can go to the Action center and click on "Create new" to initiate the request.

screencapture-rocketium-campaign-w-XlGkIqlR-RLr-automation-2023-12-11-12_07_29-Dec-14-2023-04-00-23-3893-PMFireShot Capture 043 - Rocketium - rocketium.com

2. You can set up a customised form to collect details of each campaign and a configurable workflow that suits your needs. You will find an example below. Please contact your Account manager to learn more about a custom setup for your account. 

  • Status: Closely monitor your campaign progress with a status field. Add statuses like 'In progress', 'Completed' or 'On hold' to inform and track what stage your campaign is in. 
  • Priority: Set priorities for your campaigns so team members know which campaigns to focus on first and which next. 
  • Deadline: Set the go live date for your campaign to ensure all deliverables are ready by then.
  • Brand manager: Add users to your campaign so that they can receive relevant notifications and collaborate with each other. 
  • Project brief: Share any important details on campaigns or projects with your team members.
  • Attachments: Share any design references, documents, PSD files with your team

Additionally, fill out all the fields that are necessary to provide a clear overview of the campaign (project) to the team.


3. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on "Save" and then the '"Next" button to proceed to the next step.



4. Select the key visual or template to create size adapts (creatives) for your campaign. 


5. To choose sizes for key visuals or the template, click on the desired box. For selecting all sizes, click on "Select all Sizes" and then continue using the template. After making your selections, click on "use template" to be redirected to the editor and start using the chosen sizes.


6. While working inside the editor, access the project brief, attachments, and engage in discussions with the team by clicking on the ⓘ (Brief) icon.

FireShot Capture 043 - Rocketium - rocketium.com-1

How to Edit requests

  1. To edit the briefs of a project hover over the project & click on edit
    FireShot Capture 374 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  2. Now, edit all the details you wish to edit from the project overview
    FireShot Capture 375 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  3. You can easily update project details by clicking on the specific field in the project row and entering the new information directly.
    FireShot Capture 376 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
    FireShot Capture 377 - Rocketium - rocketium.com