Import PSD File

A key visual is the key design that is adapted across different mediums, such as print materials, digital platforms, social media, etc. Adaptations may involve resizing, reformatting, or adjusting elements to suit the specific requirements of each platform while maintaining the core visual identity.

In Rocketium, 'Templates' is the section where you setup your key visuals. You can either Import a PSD or set it up manually. 

If your design team has already made a PhotoShop Document (PSD) file, you can import that file to Rocketium and continue creating stellar campaign creatives. Now, let's see how to import a PSD file.

  1. We will start the process by creating a new template. First, open your workspace and click on Templates.  After that, click on New Template at the top right. 
  2. Select Import a PSD from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a PSD file from your computer or Drag and drop the PSD file in the highlighted section.
    Import PSD window .
    Note: Your PSD file must follow the guidelines given in the above window or here
  4. A successful import will let you continue to Rocektium's designing interface, where you can edit, scale, and carry out bulk action. (Here, we have successfully uploaded five artboards to Rocketium)
    Successful import of PSD file.
  5. Hit Continue and carry on with your designing mode.Continue to edit with Rocketium

Note: If your PSD file does not meet the guidelines, Rocketium will give you two levels of 'heads-up.' These are;

  1. Warnings:  A level one sign that will let you continue the import process to Rocketium. You can ignore Warning signs. And any missed element/style can be added using Rocketium's design options.
  2. Error: This is a severe sign; you can not continue to edit your creative if there's an Error sign.