Importing Spreadsheet


You can set up a spreadsheet including data for all your creatives (along with the variants) and import it to Rocketium's AI designer.


  1. Click on the '+' icon from the content panel, then select import data from the spreadsheet.
    import data from a  spreadsheet
  2. After selecting a spreadsheet from your device, match the columns in your spreadsheet with the fields in the creative. 
    Match columns in your spreadsheet
  3. Select your desired action (viz, Replace Variants, Append Variants, Update Variants)
    replace variants with spreadsheet content
    1. Replace Variants: This will replace any current creative (/variants) with those created using spreadsheet data.
    2. Update Variants: This will update the current variants according to the data on the spreadsheet.
    3. Append Variants: This will add a new variant to your list.