Introduction to Rocketium

Rocketium is an enterprise-grade agile Creative-Ops platform that streamlines creative operations, empowering brands to expand their visual communication footprint through AI-driven automation. This encompasses creative production and operational tasks like adaptive workflows, seamless collaboration, automated brand compliance checks, and efficient asset management. Additionally, the platform offers detailed creative insights as as-a-service, revealing the visual impact on campaign performance. We facilitate strategic creative planning, leveraging insights from industry and competitor intelligence.

Our background

Businesses compete passionately for users' attention in our increasingly visual world. Once captured, this small piece of the attention pie depends on relevance. A consistent flow of branded creatives that align with the user's channels, formats, and micro experiences (including language/hyperlocal personalisation) is crucial to ensure contextual communication throughout their journey. 

This content is the heart and soul of the millions of dollars invested in campaigns. Moreover, this visual content influences decisions on apps, eCommerce websites, digital ads, and even social interactions that drive sales. However, the ecosystem surrounding the creation and execution of campaigns has barely progressed from its outdated pre-digital state.

Campaign timelines and strategies are often dictated by clunky, heavyweight Adobe tools requiring specialized designers and high-end machines. Without resources crafted for this attention economy, marketers forgo user data-rich and relevant contextual content that users actually want to consume. 

Rocketium is building what today's fast-moving, high-growth businesses need - rapid creation, massive scale, intuitive collaborative features, creative analytics and more. Rather than focusing on Adobe or competitors, we focus on our customers. We help them grow by using visual content to run more relevant campaigns faster with a 50x lower design effort.

Our comprehensive creative operations solution powered by AI automates the design of visuals throughout the entire campaign lifecycle for rapidly growing teams. We give teams the ability to create custom templates, resize images, generate scalable content with feeds, conduct bulk editing, facilitate collaboration, and ensure 100% brand compliance through access roles.