Managing Aspect Ratios

Aspect ratio gives your creative the canvas to unflod. Every platform on the internet has a set of aspect ratios that fits perfectly with their website or mobile application. For example, the aspect ratio of Instagram's main feed is, 1:1 (1080px X 1080px), 4:5 (1080px X 1350px), 1.91:1 (1080px X 608px).

You can also set several aspect ratios, considering the different size requirements of creatives for other platforms in your Rockrtium's AI. 

Let's start creating aspect ratios.

  1. Go to your dashboard, then select the sub-tab Aspect Ratios under Branding.
  2. Click on Add Size at the top right corner. Then, fill in the details like name, width, and height of the size in the respective boxes.
  3. You can add as much aspect ratio as you want. (We have added two new aspect ratios)
    Aspect Ratios example
  4. After saving the sizes, you can edit (click on pencil icon) the name and category, but the aspect ratio (width x height).  
  5. To delete any size, click on the bin icon.