Managing Brand Colors

Brand colors are the set of chosen colors that represent your brand in your social media, website, hoarding, and the general public. A remarkable brand color palette helps your audience recognize (/differentiate) your brand and make you stand out in the crowd. 

Setting up a Brand Palette 

To set up a brand palette, you may follow these steps;

  1. Go to your dashboard, and select Colors under Branding (from the panel at left).
  2. Now click on Add Color (/Add Palette) to start creating a brand palette.
    Managing brand colors
  3. Give a name to your brand palette in the window that pops up (we will be recreating this color palette)
    Brand color palette to re-create
  4. Then, click on Add a Color to start adding color to your brand palette.
    add colors to your barnd color palette
    Note: By default, the first and every new color of the palette is always #007EFF. Follow the below sections to delete or change colors from a color palette.
  5. Click on Add New Color to add new colors to your palette.
    add new colors
  6. We can follow two steps to change the color to a desired one; First, click on the color to enable the edit mode.
    edit the color 
    1. Adjust the color from the preview window. (You can move the small ring in the saturation box to a wanted position. You can also slide the white circle below the saturation box to a different color to get its saturation box)
      color preview window to change the colors
    2. You can change the hex code of the color too. (Let's change that to #705EFF)
  7. Hit Done to save the changes.
  8. To delete a color from the palette, click on the bin box beside the color. 

(After repeating a few steps for 3 times)

Our new brand palette is ready, have a look!

Recreated brand color palette

Add a Gradient Color


Adding gradient color to your palette is a simple task. Follow these steps to know-how;

  1. Open up your existing color palette in edit mode or create a brand palette from scratch. 
  2. Add a new color to your palette, and continue to edit the color.
    edit the color
  3. Now, from the drop-down menu, click on Gradient.
    select the gradient color 
  4. You can select a set of (maximum 4) colors and arrange them accordingly to make a new to create a gradient version.
    gradient color mix
    Tip: The above gradient is made in a vertical manner (you can also horizontally create one) 
  5. This is how our palette looks with a gradient color in it.
    Gradient color palette

Delete Brand Palette 

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots of your brand palette.
    Gradient color palette to delete
  2. Then, select Delete.