Managing brand fonts

Brand fonts are another visual aspect that helps your customer recognize your brand (Brand color being one of the others). You can have a set of specific fonts in your branding toolbox so that your design team can only use the fonts that reflect your brand image.

Create a font library

To create your brand-specific font library, follow these steps;

  1. Go to your dashboard and select Fonts under the tab Branding. 
  2. Our font library is empty Since we are yet to have any fonts. To add new fonts, click Add Fonts and upload the brand fronts from your device.
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  3. Now, you can create your font library catering to your brand's needs.

Add a style to your font

A font style is just a different variant of the parent font. It can give your parent font a different look depending on your chosen sub-font. 

To add a style to any of your fonts, follow these steps;

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots, and select Edit.
  2. Now, Click on Add style. Now, you can Add Styles and upload them (font variant) from your device.
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  3. You have successfully added a new style to your parent font.
  4. You can name the styles in the font as normal, italic, bold italic, and bold non-italic to give your font library more variety and flexibility.
  5. Name the language of your font from the language option present in the font
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Note: You can add up to a maximum limit of 4 styles for a font.

Delete a font from the library

Choose the font that you would like to delete, then follow these steps; 

  1. First, click on the three horizontal dots and then select Delete.