All in one inbox

  1. The all-in-one inbox is located as the second icon on the far-left panel.
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  2. Here is what it looks like (updated):
  3. The Conversations section provides a quick overview of all the messages received in both the discussions that happen on brief requests and comments (feedback shared on creatives) across all workspaces. 

    Multiple things that can be done from the Conversations panel are:
    • Resolving open Creative comments and/or Brief Discussions
    • Assigning/Re-assigning comments to other users within the given Workspace (see more on Assigned Comments features here)
    • Filter feed based on Resolution Status, Mentions, Assigned by You, Assigned to You or date ranges (to know more ,  click here)
    • Quickly reply to the Thread of conversation from the Conversation Panel itself
  4. The Notifications section in the Inbox keeps users updated on any changes campaigns, projects, templates and workspaces, ensuring prompt attention to team updates. (To know more on How to manage, sort or read all the notifications? click here)

  5. To view notifications and conversations for a specific workspace or project, simply select the workspace from the "all workspaces" dropdown in the top right corner of the inbox tab. Then, choose the project from the "all projects" dropdown within the selected workspace.

Notifications - How to discover and manage?

  1. Notifications are also delivered to the email associated with the registered account.
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  2. Manage your notifications by adjusting the settings in the top right corner of the notification panel. This allows you to easily turn notifications on or off according to your preferences.
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  3. You have the option to filter notifications by choosing to view only those that have been read(Read only) or those that are still unread(Unread only). Simply use the filter icon to make this selection.
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  4. You can quickly mark all messages as read at once by selecting the "mark all as read" option.
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Conversations - How to make the most of?

  1. We have given quick filters based on 3 major use cases:
    1. You have been mentioned in a comment on a Creative/Discussions
    2. You have been Assigned to a comment on a Creative/Discussions
    3. You have Assigned someone to a comment on a Creative/Discussions
  2. You have the option to filter conversations based on whether they are resolved or unresolved, making it easier to locate specific discussions and review them.
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  3. Conversations can be sorted based on when they were last created, last modified, or first created.
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  4. You can review conversations from a specific date range by utilizing the date picker to select a particular date from the calendar.
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  5. Quick Replies: Quickly respond to a thread of conversation across the product by simply clicking on the thread or reply, which brings up the entire conversation thread. You can reply, attach files or redirect to the origin of the thread

  6. Assigning, Reassigning and Resolving:  
    1. Ensuring that all comments from across the product are Resolved. By default, all comments are Unresolved. You can Resolve/Open Resolved comments on the fly from Conversations Panel
    2. You can Assign users from the Workspace to an Unresolved comment. This will indicate to the user that they have pending work to do. This can be done quickly from the Conversation panel inside Inbox
    3. You can Re-assign and already assigned comment to another user from the Workspace to an Unresolved comment.