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Remove background from images

The background removal is one of the most robust features offered by Rocketium. With the help of AI, Rocketium quickly and automatically extracts images from its background. 

There are two ways following which you can achieve background removal. And we will discuss both of them one by one.

Removing Background While Uploading a Media File

You can upload media files to your media library following these steps. During that process, you can remove the background of media files. 

Follow these steps to know how to remove background while uploading a media file;

  1. Click on '+' and then click Add Files from the sub-tab (under Media Library).
  2. Now, select Upload image(s) & remove background.
  3. Select the image(s) form your device and hit Done.

Tip: When you upload multiple images, you will get a chance to add tags; we recommend doing that to make your Files more organized. (Uploading various files is one way to bulk remove their backgrounds)

Removing Background from Files in the Media Library

Follow these steps to remove background from files in your media library.

  1. Select the files by clicking. Let's remove the background of the apples.
    FireShot Capture 321 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  2. Select the remove background icon at the top right of the Files screen.

    FireShot Capture 322 - Rocketium - rocketium.com
  3. That's it. Here are the apples without background.
    FireShot Capture 323 - Rocketium - rocketium.com

Tip: To bulk remove the background of multiple image files simultaneously, click Select all and then click on the remove background icon.