Setup custom fields

The Automation Tab allows to easily create custom fields to input information when generating project requests and creating templates.

1. To create a new custom field, navigate to the workspace and access the Automation Tab.


2. Enter the desired name for the field that will be displayed when adding information. Make sure to select the box next to "required" if this is a mandatory field.


3. The "Select Workspace" option allows you to create a custom field that will be available in all the workspaces you choose. Additionally, selecting the box for "All Workspaces" will automatically add this field to every workspace.

screencapture-rocketium-campaign-w-XlGkIqlR-RLr-automation-2023-12-11-12_08_01-4   screencapture-rocketium-campaign-w-XlGkIqlR-RLr-automation-2023-12-11-12_07_29

4. Select the entity where the custom field will be utilized - either in projects or templates.


5. Choose the Type of information you want to input into the custom field.


6. In the Dropdown Menu, you can add options and enable the multiselect feature by selecting the 'multiselect' option. This allows you to choose multiple options from the dropdown list.


7. In the Textarea, you have the option to include instructions or prompts that will be shown before users enter their response in the textarea for the custom field.


8. The Date options feature also enables you to set reminders both before and after the specified date and time. Additionally, you have the ability to set multiple reminders for the custom field.


9. The users option allows you to specify the users who are necessary to work on this project/template and assign them to the custom field.


10. The file option provides the ability to attach files, allowing users to include attachments.