Saving a Preset

If you have a set of elements that you feel are likely to be used frequently, you can save it as a preset following the simple steps below.

  1. Choose the set of elements that you want to save as presets. (From the below creative, we will keep the food-offer-badge as a preset.)

  2. After choosing the elements, you'll have to group them. To group elements;
    First, select the whole badge (ctrl+Shift) and then left-click on your mouse (or two-finger click on touchpad); this will open the additional options menu, now click on Group selection. 
    air Asia food special
     Additinal menu option
    Note: You can also use Ctrl G to group the elements; for more keyboard shortcuts, click here.
  3. After grouping the elements, you can save it as a preset from the styling panel (at left) by clicking Save.
    Saving a preset
  4. After this, a window should pop where you would name your preset. (We have named it as 'Badge-Discount Coupon')Giving the preset a name

Note: A preset will be saved as 'Style'; more information about styles is available here