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Saving the Template

After completing your creative, you can save it to your template collection. There are two steps you can take to 'save' the template after finishing up your design. 

  • Export
  • Save and Close

FYI: Remember, every step in your template (creative) creation process gets automatically saved by 'autosave.' To manually keep the steps, click on the 'save' icon beside the 'finish' icon at the top of the styling panel.

Finish button

Let's start with the export option. With export, you can download the finished template (or templates, if you have created different variants of the same one) to your device in 3-different file types, namely PNG, JPEG, WEBG.

  1. Select finish (at the top of the styling panel), and click on export to get directed to the export page.
    finish the editing of the creative and export
    highlighting export option
  2. This is how the export page looks like;export page window
  3. Now, click on the setting icon to select a file type  (PNG, JPEG, WEBG)download option
    setting file format
    (You can also save your preference for future use and compress the file size)
  4. Select the creative size (and 'variants' in case you have more than one) you would like to download, then click on the Download. The final file containing all your creatives will be a .zip file.

Note: You can also download an individual creative by de-selecting all others.

Now, let's work with the Save and Close option. Save, and Close adds the current creative to your template collection; you can come back and edit it as you want. 

save option