Setting Up Workspaces

About Workspaces

A workspace(s) is an online platform to collaborate with your team to carry out impactful campaigns. With a user-friendly interface, workspaces are built to meet all your creative needs so they can make your campaign journey smooth and swift. 

Workspaces are feature-loaded basket which brings your ideas (creatives) to life, and as a result, your campaigns get the limelight they deserve. 

Creating a New Workspace

Follow these simple steps to create a new workspace;

  1. Log in to your dashboard, then click on "+ New" at the top left of your screen.
    FireShot Capture 354 - Rocketium -
    FireShot Capture 355 - Rocketium -
  2. Next, fill out the details and give your workspace a (suitable) name. 
    FireShot Capture 358 - Rocketium -
  3. Add Members by entering their mail-id and adding a role for them by selecting it from the dropdown and then click invite
    FireShot Capture 367 - Rocketium -
    FireShot Capture 368 - Rocketium -
  4. Now, click on "Add" to add this workspace.
    FireShot Capture 369 - Rocketium -
  5. At this point, you will be able to see that the workspace has been successfully created.
    FireShot Capture 360 - Rocketium -

Adding a New Member

There are two ways to add a new member to any workspace. But first, you would need their email id. After that, Rocketium will send an auto-generated invitation email to the email id.

Let's invite someone after creating a workspace;

  1. The workspace also has an invite member option to add a new member to the workspace. 
    FireShot Capture 364 - Rocketium -
  2. Please fill out your team members' email id, and select a relevant role for them.
    FireShot Capture 371 - Rocketium -
  3. After that, click on send invite. And at last hit Update.
    FireShot Capture 372 - Rocketium -

Delete a Workspace

  1. To delete a workspace, Hover over the workspace and click on edit details.
    FireShot Capture 365 - Rocketium -
  2. Click on delete on top left of the preview.
    FireShot Capture 373 - Rocketium -