Shape styling

This article describes how you can style shape elements in Rocketium's editor. For other articles on styling please refer:

  • Introduction to styling
  • Text styling
  • Media styling

Shape styling

  1. Style
    Here, you can change the shape's color and make changes to it.

    1. You can change the color of the element in two ways.
      1. Editing the hex code
      2. Choose the color from the palette
    2. You also have the option to change the background of the text box, giving your text a unique and different appearance.
    3. At last, you can blur the shape's color.

      You can either slide the bar before every option or put a numeral value to change the settings.
    4. You can change the type of 'border' from the drop-down menu. For example, you can make the borders Solid, Dotted, or Dashed (currently set at 'Dotted'). 
      Border types to make style changes
    5. You can change the color of the border too, again in two ways;
      1. Hex Code
      2. Color palette
    6. You can change the roundness of the border by putting a numeral value in the last box.
  2. In layer, you have the option to change the opacity of the media