Text styling

This article describes how you can style text elements in Rocketium's editor. For other articles on styling please refer:

  • Introduction to styling
  • Media styling
  • Shape styling

Text styling

  1. Typography
    The first styling lets you make changes in Typography;

    1. You can change the font type and the font size.

      upload a font from your computer
      Note: You can upload a font from your device too!
    2. You can choose the font type (Regular, Normal, Italic Regular, etc.) from the dropdown and apply formatting options like Bold, Italic, and Underline to the text.
    3. You can align the content inside the text element; you get six alignment options viz, Align right, left, middle and Align top, middle, bottom (all these adjust the position of the texts inside the text element) 
    4. The last section of size and position is for the letters (alphabets) in your text element; you can change the 'line-spacing,' 'letter-spacing,' and 'word-spacing' along with cases ('As typed,' 'Upper case,' 'Lower case,' 'Title case' ) of the letters.
    5. You can enhance the appearance of the text by using the strikethrough, subscript, and superscript icons. These formatting options can help you achieve your desired text objective.
    6. You can adjust the text size and even utilise the Auto Fit feature to ensure the text fits perfectly within the text box.
      1. Auto Fit Enabled - When Autofit is enabled, the text box automatically adjusts its size to fit the text, whether it is expanded or contracted. This ensures that the text is always visible and within the specified range.
      2. Autofit Disabled - You can manually select from the dropdown or enter the font size when the autofit feature is disabled.
  2. Style
    Here, you can change the element's colour, add a border, and make changes.

    1. You can change the color of the text element in two ways.
      1. Editing the hex code
      2. Choose the color from the palette
    2. You also have the option to change the background of the text box, giving your text a unique and different appearance.
  3. Border
    1. You can customize the roundness of all borders to your preference
  4. Reflection
    Using the toggle button, you can add a reflection effect to a text element. Additionally, you can adjust the reflection's transparency, distance, and size.

  5. Ground Shadow

    You can add a ground shadow effect to images using the toggle button