User guide for industry intelligence

Learn how marketers are evolving their creatives and making more impact.

Creative marketing intelligence is the data collected through multiple channels for an organisation's marketing efforts. We can analyse this data and use it to tailor our creative content based on customer behaviour, industry best practices, products, trends and opportunities.

To begin with creative analytics, please collect all data in a . CSV file and upload it. You'll be able to learn how to upload the file here.

  1. Once uploaded, you will find enriched ad data in the Data tab. You can access this table by clicking the +New Widget button in the dashboard.

  2. Within the data table, you can add/remove columns, change date ranges, group-by and filter values to see specific data points.

  3. You can create widgets to analyse data within the Visualisation tab. Here you can select the type of widgets you want, add filters, and configure date ranges for the data you wish to analyse.

  4. Once saved, these widgets will be visible in the dashboard with the competitive intelligence images.

  5. Within the dashboard, you can add and remove widgets, resize, and reposition them as required. 

  6. You can also change the date range within the dashboard to see widget data for a specific time frame.


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