Using Presets

A set of elements belonging to a creative (or template) defined in advance and used to give other creatives the same look and feel are called presets. 

Presets give you varieties of a set of elements (e.g., the CTA button - a group of text and background elements) to choose from, eliminating redundant work. 

To understand better, let's improve the impact of the creative by trying out the best CTA preset available in our collection.

  1. This creative with a White-button CTA does not look appealing. So let's change it with a different CTA from the presets collection. 
    (FYI - You can always create your own CTA from scratch)White CTA
  2. Click on the '+' icon and select presets. 
    selecting presets from the + icon
  3. Click on the desired preset to use. (We're going to use the Red-button CTA from the presets collection)
    Presets collection panel to choose red button CTA
  4. This is how our creative looks after applying the Red button creative with red button CTA

Tip: To know more about presets, go through our Using Preset and Styles section