Bulk editing across sizes

You can create multiple sizes of a creative (click here to know more) in minutes and apply changes across these sizes in seconds. Follow the example to know-how;

Here's a guide on how to utilize bulk editing across sizes of a variant effectively:

  1. Click on the 'Add/Remove sizes' icon, shown below:
  2. Click on "Style multiple sizes"
  3. Choose all the boxes next to the sizes that you wish to make bulk edits for the variant
  4. Click on the "Confirm" button to bulk edit the selected sizes
  5. Now, edit the design, as bulk editing for the selected sizes is initiated
  6. Selecting the  "Change position across size" changes the position of the element (moves the element across the canvas) for all sizes of the chosen variant. 

  7. To stop the bulk editing, click the "cancel" button after completing all the desired edits
  8. You can easily see the changes that have been made to all the selected sizes for the variant
  9. You can also initiate or end bulk editing for ALL sizes of the variant by selecting or deselecting the "Style all" option